Since Terry's passing in December 2009, it has by been his children; Antony, Jane, Samantha, Lindsey and Daniel taking control of the company. With outside help we have aimed to provide the high quality of care and expertise that Terry provided alone. We hope to meet your expectations but our success is based on your custom.. So let us know what you think...

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DIY Accounting small business accounting software customer review


"We launched our Limited Company three years ago, specialising in the supply of toothbrushes and toothbrush storage systems to schools and nurseries.  After reading lots of favourable reviews, we opted for the DIY Accounting package for our accounts and I am delighted that we did.

I had no previous experience of accounting but have been able to prepare all our accounts, VAT returns, Corporation tax returns etc without seeking the assistance of an accountant.  We enter our sales on the 'Sales' spreadsheet, our purchases on the 'Purchases' spreadsheet and the DIY accounting package collates all the information automatically and prepares a full set of accounts for our business with minimal additional input.  On the odd occasion when we have had a problem, I have found that DIY accounting provides excellent and prompt support.  They are always just an email away and I would heartily commend this package."

Alastair Swan

Managing Director

The Brush Bus Ltd



“I have used DIY Accounting for all our accounts for the last 5 years.  From Sole Trader to the Limited Company that we now are, I have found DIY Accounting Products amazingly easy to use (especially for the non-accountant), with an excellent “How to” manual.  However, the best part of DIY Accounting is their customer service.  Their founder, Terry Cartwright offered the same incredible level of service and I am delighted that this has continued on – he would be really proud.  DIY Accounting are simply THE BEST!”

Angie Hatherley

Domestic Heating & Plumbing and Commercial Catering Service & Repair Engineers.



I have to say that the level of customer support provided is beyond exceptional

The spreadsheets are very easy to use even for someone with no accountancy training. But a couple of days prior to filing our CT600 we noticed a couple of balancing errors that we just couldn’t seem to resolve. After emailing their support team we sent them the files and within a few hours all was fixed, balanced and ready to submit – No extra fees charged, just part of their exceptional customer service. Thank you


BestQuote Enquiry Service Ltd


“I just wanted to convey how happy I am with both your products (Company files and Payroll) and customer service.In fact, I am so happy I have just downloaded my fourth consecutive year's set of files from you.

They are easy to use (once I got the hang of the idea), your forums, and your advice and service over the years have been first class!”

David McClean

Aerospace engineering support & hand made craft products.



Having produced spreadsheets for my accountant during the financial year, I hit upon hard times with people going out of business owing me money.  This gave me a terrible cashflow problem which I concentrated on and at the end of the financial year decided the accountants fees were just too high for such a small business.  I found DIY Accounting on the internet and decided to "do it myself".  I had experience of looking at P&L and Balance Sheets and experience in inputting accounts but not completing the whole process. 

I had problems reconciling everything and asked DIY for help, they were fabulous!  I had caused problems in the spreadsheets and info was not pulling across correctly and Louise sorted through this for me and put everything right.  I can't praise them enough, too many small businesses pay the astronomical prices for accountants when they can do it themselves with the DIY Accounting package. 
I highly recommend them to all small businesses!!

Susan Jonas, Director

Fieldways Associates Limited


"[DIY Accounting]  is a fantastic system. One I will be recommending to people. DIY Accounting is a fantastic tool. I have to wonder why I have spent £1,000s on accountants to do my end of year accounts when DIY Accounting is around. I do not have any financial qualifications and this system is simple to understand. Amazing value for money."

Graeme Dixon



“I wanted to express my sincere thanks for making such an easy and reliable product to use but, more importantly, for offering a brilliant and efficient support. It was very reassuring to know that any questions I had would be promptly answered in a very professional and friendly manner, without being charged extra fees. This made the preparation of my company accounts a smooth process. Thank you!

Insilico biolabs Ltd


"This software is great by the way, a real moneysaver for a small business, simple to use and makes accounting clear and understandable."

Jemima Balcam

Data Solutions



“Wow! What a great service! I am impressed!

My accountant let me down completely [hidden name] went bust, then he promised to do the work himself but he didn't. I bought your brilliant package last year, but I was unsure about the whole idea of doing it myself and did not realise that you do the check-in service, which is outstanding.

I feel I am learning something new and it gives me a lot of satisfaction, too.”

Peter Jurga


I have used the DIY Accounting package for 6 years to manage my small Limited company accounts.  I find it easy to use and have learned the basics of financial accounting.  The business cannot afford to employ an Accountant so the package is ideal to comply with the legal requirements of running a small business, such as Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets and assisting with Tax Returns.

Ian Thompson, Sandplay Ltd

UK Manufacturer of Plastic Toys

Web: www.sandcastlemoat.co.uk


"Last year I had an accountant do my return for me.  It cost me £500 and took me about 8 hours to put things "how he wanted". 

This year, it's cost me the price of your spreadsheets and only taken me 4 hours in total to do the whole lot and file it myself the same day. 

I can't praise this highly enough :-D Thank you so much, keep up the good work."


Counsellor, Worcester


"DIY accountancy software is so simple to use. If you run a small company you can save up to £4,000 a year, that’s what some accountants charge for few pages of paperwork. I have been using this software for a few years now and if I had any questions, I receive the answer in a very short time from Antony, who is very supportive and expert at this software. Its worth a try and once you know this software you wont regret it and you will definitely become a returning costumer."

Vilma Bravo

RV Tax Plus



“DIY Accounts is a fantastic product that helped me with my small business accounting. I would recommend anyone with basic excel skills to try it.”

Anonymous User, October 2020

(Now retired)