History of DIY Accounting

Since Terry's passing in December 2009, it has by been his children; Antony, Jane, Samantha, Lindsey and Daniel taking control of the company. With some outside help we have aimed to provide the high quality of care and expertise that Terry provided alone. We hope to meet your expectations but our success is based on your custom.. So let us know what you think...

History of DIY Accounting - Accounting and Payroll Software
History of DIY Accounting - Accounting and Payroll Software

Our Founder's Career History:

Having qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA) in 1971, my first assignment as a management accountant being to design the revenue budgeting system for British Rail, following which I spent two years with New World Gas Cookers initially as Management Accountant, then Works Accountant, where I also gained my second professional qualification as a Chartered Company Secretary (ACIS). Following two years and several promotions within British Steel's Audit Division I was appointed Head of Finance and Administration for the Refractories division. Left to work in Saudi Arabia as a Chief Accountant for an American corporation and on return to the UK was appointed Chief Accountant at Dunlop Industrial Hose division.

In the early 1980's I allowed my membership of the professional bodies CIMA and CISA to lapse when I left the accounting profession and started my own retail and wholesale company buying the first shop with £10k p.a. turnover, within a few years the business had half a dozen outlets, employees into double figures and sales heading towards that magic £1 million pound mark.

It wasn't particularly profitable at times and in the early 90's I came back to accountancy taking numerous assignments across a whole range of finance projects including designing a European sales accounting system for an international corporation, installing Oracle accounting software modules and a couple of years developing a treasury management system for a major UK bank.

Following a four year spell as Finance director for a communications company I semi-retired in 2000 earning a part-time income from my long term hobby, ornithology, supplementing my income from several industrial companies preparing their annual financial accounts.

2006 has marked yet another career change, DIY Accounting, designing payroll and accounting systems on excel spreadsheets and in my capacity of a chartered company secretary also as a company formation agent..

DIY Accounting software, payroll software have all been designed by myself. Should you have a question relating to either the accounting software, book keeping or the payroll software then it will be myself who will personally answer your questions.

As a company formation agent, using my experience as a Chartered company secretary deal directly with clients regarding company formation including writing the company formation memorandum and providing guidance throughout the company formation sequence.

All accounting software and payroll software are single user programs to which customers buy a licence to use. The copyright is owned by Terry Cartwright who authorises users to use and copy the software for their own business use while specifically excluding the right to resell or share the software packages with any other business for any other reason. Resellers are invited to request a licence to resell the products.