Using Our Packages On A Mac

This article will inform you how to use our DIY packages on a Mac                                                            

DIY Accounting is spreadsheet based, you have three options for running it on a Mac.  

In order of cost:   

  1. Install OpenOffice then download the Excel 2003 or OpenOffice version from the DIY download page.   
  2. Install Office for Mac (retail software from Microsoft) and use the Excel version of DIY Accounting   
  3. Install Windows Parallels (or similar Virtual Machine) and MS Office on your Mac use then Excel version of DIY Accounting  

The cost of the Microsoft options is likely to be prohibitive if you only need Excel to run DIY Accounting.

The last two options are more suitable for people who run Microsoft software already.

OpenOffice is a free alternative to MS Office (and other commercial products) and it works on a Mac. OpenOffice is available from here here: That said the best experience is obtained by using the package with Excel 2007 or above. You should also be able to use LibreOffice ( which is a variant of OpenOffice maintained by a separate team.

After purchase, when you visit your download page there is an option to download a zip file which will require unzipping after download. Some Macs have an unzip utility built in, if not here is a free tool that seems to get most mentions on a search:



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