Finding Your Month End For Company Accounts

How to find your Month End for a UK Limited Company using the Companies House Website.

Our Limited Company accounts package is sold by Year End aligned to each Month End. We update the tax rules for each year and a new purchase is required for each accounting period.

Many of our customers are expanding businesses and a recent move from Self Employed to Limited results in confusion between the Accounting Period and the Financial Year End.

A WebCHeck on the Companies House web site will show your accounting reference date. Check this for yourself...

  1. Go here
  2. Select the option to do a "Find Company Information"
  3. Enter <Your company name> in the company name section
  4. Click the company number highlighted.
  5. You will see the following information:   Accounting Reference Date: ...


This probably is your Year End unless HMRC have changed it and it hasn't been updated with Companies House yet.

If you’ve been trading right from the start you’ll usually end up with an accounting period that starts on formation, but runs to a month end resulting in more that 12 months for the first year. This is fine with Companies House but HMRC will want 2 returns. You can still use our package and split the year into two but the easiest thing to do, if you haven’t been actively trading right away, is to notify HMRC that you didn’t start trading right away and have your first accounts running for a period no more than 12 months to the same Year End on the Companies House website.


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