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This article includes steps by step instructions and an example of an actual Making Tax Digital (MTD) submission.                                                             

From April 2019 VAT submissions need to be automated and VitalTax has been designed to work specifically with the layout of the DIY Accounting VAT calculations. 

How do I get the add in?

The add in is available in Excel.  On the Insert menu click on get Add Ins. A window called office add-ins will appear.  Type in VitalTax and click "add".  When using the tool, you will need to select “DIY Accounting – VAT” in the templates window. 

Example VAT return submission using DIY Accounting:

Once installed (see Accounting For VAT With Making Tax Digital) the The Vital Tax add-in Excel is opened on the page of the VAT Return being submitted:

Excel's Office Add-ins page shows the installed VitalTax Making Tax Digital Add-in:

To submit your VAT return you must be signed in to Vital Tax and you must authorise VitalTax to submit your VAT Returns to HMRC:

After signing in your entity (company, business or VAT registered individual) and VAT number are added your your entity using the "Add Entity" button: 

Select which returns are due using the menu under "VAT":

If your VitalTax account is not linked to an HMRC account signed up for VAT, the VitalTax Add-in will present a link to sign up:

Once the HMRC sign up process is complete your request is acknowledged with an advisory message to suggest how long it will be before your sign up is complete: 

HMRC will send an email when the sign up is complete:

Back in DIY Accounting the due VAT returns are displayed:

You check your profile details using the cog icon:

To submit the return the VitalTax Excel Add-in provides a template which lines up with DIY Accounting's VAT Returns sheet. 

The VitalTax add-in populates boxes 1 through 7: 

Until VAT Return boxes 8 and 9 are, the VitalTax add-in populates boxes 1 through 7: 

By adding a zero for VAT Return boxes 8 and 9 in Excel cells G34 and G36, the VitalTax add-in populates boxes 8 and 9:

When the "Submit" button is clicked the VAT Return is submitted:

Submitted VAT Returns are available for review in the VitalTax add-in:

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