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Annual PAYE return showing employees’ names, income tax and national insurance calculated automatically.

DIY Accounting Financial Sales Template Spreadsheet Facilitates Simple Sales Records

This section of the limited company small business sales software UK consists of a simple bookkeeping sales spreadsheet into which the sales receipts are recorded. Entering the business sales turnover in the small business accounts software is no more complicated than making a list of the sales receipts on the simple sales templates.
The bookkeeping sales templates are designed as simple small business sales accounting spreadsheets to make recording the financial transactions fast, easy to enter and understand. The sales spreadsheets are formula driven so that minimum data is entered with automated sales analysis producing all the accounting requirements for the bookkeeping system.
Business sales details to be entered on the sales template include sales invoice date, customer name, sales invoice number, description of the sale or source and the total business sales amount.
The next column on the sales template is an automated vat column. Suitable for both non vat registered and vat registered business. For a vat registered business the vat is calculated automatically, for non vat registered business simply enter zero at the top of the vat column and the excel formulae enters zero vat and shows the net financial sales receipt at the same value as the gross sales figure effectively disabling the value added tax . The sales template is also suitable for businesses using the vat flat rate scheme.
Each excel workbook contains a separate monthly sales template spreadsheet for each month

The sales analysis is automated from entering the single sales letter code triggering the collection of the total amount received under each heading. Sales accounting software automating the sales analysis in real time with the automated sales accounts visible immediately. The formulae in row one of the sales templates adds up all entries in each column.
The business sales entries to the sales accounts spreadsheet all being completed from the entry of a single letter

The final two columns of the small business sales spreadsheet are for sub-contractors use only to record the amount of CIS tax deducted and the certificate reference number. No entries are required to the CIS tax columns of the financial sales template if the sales business does not include sub-contractors sales.


An optional feature of the sales accounting spreadsheet but nevertheless very important aspect of any business is maintaining strong financial control,. A major element of financial control is to ensure all business sales income is paid for and the avoidance of harmful bad debts. The sales template spreadsheet contains columns to enable financial sales control over sales debtors to improve credit control and minimise the risk of bad debts.

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When the original sale is entered the sales date is converted by excel to a number and the formulae in the sales template automatically calculates the number of days that sale has been outstanding

In the blue shaded columns of the sales template enter the method of payment and the amount received. The formulae calculates any outstanding amounts yet to be paid and the number of days that business sale has been outstanding and being written on excel spreadsheets a simple click of the mouse offers a visual appreciation of just how much money has still to be collected , small business sales accounting software working for you to improve financial sales control over debtors.

What happens to the bookkeeping information entered?

The simple sales template spreadsheet totals each column for each bookkeeping month. The totals of each sales spreadsheet are then collected by the sales accounts to complete the simple book eeping system by automatically producing the trial balance, vat returns, monthly profit and loss account and year end financial accounts to complete the company accounts double entry bookkeeping system. The sales mileage, if recorded - it is optional - is also automatically transferred to the purchases excel spreadsheet which adds the sales mileage to the purchase mileage and calculates the mileage allowance. Mileage allowances are 45p for the first 10,000 miles and 25p thereafter and an alternative to claiming vehicle running costs including vehicle capital allowances on the fixed asset spreadsheet. This accountancy software will automatically claim 45p and change to 25p when applicable, users only have to enter the mileage covered.

The user guide that accompanies this company accounts bookkeeping system has notes on mileage allowances and other small business tax tips to help save you money including travel and subsistence allowances that can be claimed while working away.

Simple sales accounting software designed as simple sales templates to make bookkeeping entries easy


DIY Accounting "Simple small business sales software using financial sales templates to record company receipts on monthly sales spreadsheets for sales accounts"