Profit and Loss

The company accounts profit and loss accounts spreadsheet is a summary of the business income accounts and financial expenses for a given period - normally 12 months.


Company accounts trading profit and loss account spreadsheet



The company accounts profit and loss accounts spreadsheet is a summary of the business income accounts and financial expenses for a given period - normally 12 months. By deducting total financial expenses from the income accounts the profit and loss account sheet shows on the "bottom line" whether your business made a profit or loss at the end of that period. which is the net taxable profit

A profit and loss account is produced primarily for business purposes, how the business is performing. But most of the information is also used by HM Revenue & Customs to work out the tax bill. In this financial accounting software the financial software uses the automated entries in the profit and loss account to calculate the trading profit, net taxable profit after capital allowances on assets and complete the corporation tax return.

Screenshot of company accounts balance sheet automatically generated and in format ready for submission to Companies House and HMRC having been preset with the financial notes and statutory statements for companies exempt from audit and able to submit abbreviated accounts. The financial notes are essential for ensuring the abbreviated company year end accounts are accepted by Companies House as being in adherence to the Companies Act,

A balance sheet profit is shown as retained profits while a balance sheet loss is deducted from the retained earnings The balance sheet accounting in the shareholders section representing the value of the net assets and liabilities in the company accounts.

No Entries Required to produce the balance sheet or the profit and loss account: Entries are fully automated by the financial accounting software which prepares the profit & loss account from the entries made to the sales excel spreadsheet which are the income accounts and the purchase excel spreadsheet which are the financial expenses of the business

All the financial information is generated automatically from the sales, purchases and payroll sheets each month to produce a monthly profit accounts spreadsheet and the annual profit & loss account showing sales income, expenses, trading profit and operating profit and the net profit before tax.

Having a profit and loss account up to date, available in real time enables progress to a successful financial result to be monitored and should banks or other institutions request up to date limited company accounts those company accounts are available at the touch of a print button. The balance sheet shows the assets and liabilities of the business which is an indication of the security within the business.

This is how the simple profit & loss account appears in the financial accounts section of the financial accounting software. All entries fully automated showing the income accounts, trading profit, financial expenses,. operating profit and net profit before tax.

A profit accounts spreadsheet to maximise financial control.

DIY Accounting business accounts software is crucial to the help and growth of the business. Statistically the majority of small businesses go out of business within 3 years of start up. The 2 major reasons for this disastrous track record of start up businesses are a lack of profits and under capitalisation. Up to date financial records as seen in the profit spreadsheet can avert potential problems.


Another optional feature of the Accounting Software is Stock Control. It is not essential but there if your business type requires to use it.

Enter gross margins and the automated stock control spreadsheet calculates stock values. Enter the physical stock value if you wish and the system will advise the total stock adjustment required. An essential tool for in particular retail business to maintain control over potential stock losses.


Accounting Software Company accounts operating trading profit and loss account spreadsheet, financial expenses and income accounts with financial notes to balance sheet"